Voyage-Air Day

The $125,000 Voyage-Air Guitar

Many of us who play the guitar find that it all started with an interest and love of music. That interest can quickly lead to a passion for the guitar itself. Many of us own more than one guitar. For a few, this can lead to an obsession for the guitar as artwork.

Jeff Cohen, CEO of Voyage-Air Guitar, Inc., is one of those so obsessed. Over the years, Jeff has played and collected a number of high-end Martin and Leach guitars, each unique and known for its intricate inlay work.

The Samurai - foldedJeff wanted to show the world that there is no upper limit to the tone, sound quality and easy playability for a Voyage-Air acoustic folding guitar. For this, Jeff commissioned Harvey Leach to build the ultimate Voyage-Air guitar.

The result is a guitar named the Samurai, named for its extensive Japanese-themed inlay work. This guitar has over 500 hours of work – just on the inlays!

The back and sides are made from solid Black Ebony. The top wood? Master-Grade Carpathian Spruce. The binding is Ebony, with red purfling lines. The top, back and sides are trimmed with crushed Mother of Pearl. The soundhole rosette is solid Ebony, with kanji inlays showing the Bushido code of the Samurai.

A particular challenge was in the detail for the fretboard and the back of the guitar, as these are both slightly curved surfaces. Some of the inlay materials are as thin as the width of a human hair, and matching the curvature must be precise.

The result? This guitar was displayed at an exhibition: “The Art of Inlay” at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, CA. The case for this museum-grade instrument? The Deluxe Voyager Case. The same as other Voyage-Air Premier series guitars.

But most important: this is a guitar that was made to be played. It has traveled the world, and has been played countless times in the VIP Lounge provided by Voyage-Air Guitar at trade shows. In spite of the lavish inlay work, it gives up nothing to tone, resonance, sustain and harmonics: a tribute to Harvey Leach’s 35+ years of experience in guitar design. Harvey Leach also designed the original Voyage-Air guitars, and his experience translated into the signature tone and projection of the current Premier Series guitars.

Finally, what does this exotic guitar have in common with all Voyage-Air guitars? Even the Voyage-Air Transit series, priced at $499? They all use the exact same patented Voyage-Air hinge that has a lifetime warranty. That's right: this museum-grade work-of-art uses the same hinge for folding the guitar.

Passion, art and craftsmanship: thanks to the unique partnership of Harvey Leach and Jeff Cohen, it’s something that you can feel and hear in every Voyage-Air guitar. Even the models that are less than $125,000.