Nolan Neal

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Nolan Neal: It’s not every day that you meet a singer/songwriter who is actually from Nashville, Tennessee…..especially one as unique as Nolan Neal. This prolific artist is perhaps best described by a fan, who saw him sitting on a waist-high brick wall one September evening in 2001 on Nashville’s famous 2nd Avenue, strumming his guitar and belting out a song. “He was beginning to draw a crowd, so we took a seat next to him. I remember thinking how he reminded me of John Lennon, with a voice better than Creed's lead singer. We sat and listened to him play his guitar and sing for about two hours. His music is like a soul trip, his voice is the kind that gets under your skin.

He can play a guitar like no one I've heard in real life and his music and voice are full of emotion. Before we left he gave me his autograph...which I received on a Bible handout someone had dropped in his guitar case, and I now keep in a safe place.”