International Songwriters Tour

Here's Oskar Nyman from Finland, along with Tiffany Shea from Nashville TN. They're a part of the International Songwriters Tour, and Oskar is a big fan of the Voyage-Air guitar. He proudly plays it on stage.

The International Songwriters Tour features Nanna & Andreas Larsen from Denmark, Ashley Fayth from Newfoundland, Canada, Oskar Nyman of Jerry Lindqvist and the Grace from Finland, and Tiffany Shea from Nashville, TN/Austin, TX.

Each are being mentored by Robert Singerman (NYC) who, after 35 years in the music industry, is known for discovering new talent. Robert Singerman helped launch the careers of REM, 10,000 Maniacs, Violent Femmes, Smithereens, among others, He also founded Roadrunner Records and Gigmaven, which eventually became ReverbNation.

In 2011, these artists performed Official Showcases at CMJ Conference in NYC, Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans, and are now touring from Memphis to showcase at SXSW Music Conference in Austin, then on to showcase at the CMW Music Conference in Toronto, Canada, performing 20 shows in 25 days. Click here for tour dates.

Photos by Milton AdamsTiffany Shea, Nashville & Oskar Nyman, FinlandAshley Fayth, Tiffany Shea, Oskar Nyman, Nanna Larsen
Tiffany Shea, Oskar  Nyman, Nanna Larsen, Ashley Fayth, Andreas Larsen
Tiffany Shea, Oskar Nyman, Nanna Larsen, Ashley Fayth, Andreas Larsen, Virginia Cannon

International Songwriters Tour 2012
Contact Tiffany Shea * Nashville, TN * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * 214-418-8162

Hello from Nashville, Tennessee! My name is Tiffany Shea, and I am thrilled to introduce the 1st Annual International Songwriters Tour, consisting of artists and musicians from Denmark, Finland, Canada, Brazil and the US, who are performing 20 shows in 25 days.

The tour starts in Memphis on March 2nd and goes to Austin (via New Orleans and Northeast Texas) for official showcases at South by Southwest, and ends in Toronto, with each artist officially performing at Canadian Music Week Conference and Festival.

Tour Dates:
  • Saturday, March 3- Dru's Place (9 pm); Memphis, TN
  • Monday, March 5- Bluebird Cafe (5 pm), Dan McGuiness Girls' Night (9pm); Nashville, TN
  • Tuesday, March 6- Billy Block Show; The Rutledge (7 pm); Nashville, TN
  • Wednesday, March 7- Bunganut Pig (8 pm); Franklin, TN
  • Thursday, March 8- The Big Top Gallery (8 pm); New Orleans, LA
  • Friday, March 9- Harmony Chapel (7 pm); Ben Wheeler, TX
  • Saturday, March 10- The Iron Horse Pub (8 pm); Wichita Falls, TX (opening for Tiffany Shea Band)
  • Sunday, March 11- J Gilligans (6 pm); Arlington, TX (Tiffany Shea Band Homecoming Show - pending)
  • March 12-17, SXSW Music Conference; Austin, TX
  • Wednesday, March 14- Iguana Grill (6-9pm), Austin, TX
  • Thursday, March 15 – Cutting Edge Music Conference SXSW Stage; Victory Grill, Austin, TX (Individual Showcase Times TBA)
  • Friday, March 16 – Waterloo Ice House, 6pm-2am; Austin, TX (pending)
  • Saturday, March 17 – (Afternoon Performances) Love. On the Lawn @ Mercury Mambo; Austin, TX
  • Saturday, March 18 – Waterloo Ice House, 6pm-2am; Austin, TX (pending)
  • March 20-25: Canadian Music Week Conference; Toronto, Canada (Individual Showcases TBA)

How did these artists end up together?

These artists were introduced by Robert Singerman (NYC), who is known for discovering and developing new talent, and is a forerunner in the exploration and development of new concepts in the music industry. He has worked in the music business for over thirty years, representing at various times R.E.M., Gipsy Kings, James Brown, Suzanne Vega among others. He has founded US labels; Fetish and Roadrunner (Rush, Nickelback, Lenny Kravitz), and has been meticulously involved in album and TV production; music supervision and consulting; co-founding music incubator and internet consulting firms, and is a partner in a French management firm.

He founded and then directed the EU funded European Music Office in the US for 3.5 years, and the French Music Export Office of North America for 5 years (through 2008). He has a long history of working with European professionals in music export offices to develop their artists and labels.

His current mission is creating a system of subtitling and dubbing solutions to make music truly universal and global. He is working with partners in a new company and non profit, to create (as Jon Pareles called it in his NY Times blog) a "world-pop utopia," so that fans everywhere can understand lyrics in their own language in real time with the music. He is also currently working with the Brazil Music Export Office.Singerman has been both a consultant and panelist at major music conferences in the US, including SXSW in Austin and CMJ in New York City; additionally at CMW in Toronto, and other conferences around the world including those in Brazil, Paris,Warsaw, Berlin, and Los Angeles. He has also worked in conjunction with the World Cultural Economic Forum.

In the summer of 2011, Singerman coached a songwriting camp in Austria, where he met and worked with Finnish artist Jerry Lindqvist, as well as singer/songwriters Ashley Fayth from Newfoundland, Canada and Nanna Larsen from Denmark. In September, Singerman was a panelist at the Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans, where he met and heard the music of Texan artist, Tiffany Shea, who currently resides in Nashville.

In October, at the invitation of Singerman, these artists played an official CMJ showcase together in NYC. They all discussed co-touring in 2012, starting with SXSW in March. As a seasoned US touring veteran, Tiffany Shea agreed to coordinate and book a tour from Nashville to Austin and then up to Toronto for CMW; co-producing alongside Singerman the “First Annual International Songwriters Tour.”

Robert Singerman's quote regarding this tour:
International Songwriting Treat!
A wonderful evening awaits if you take the chance to hear these 5 singer-songwriters/ bands from around the globe. Following their Manhattan CMJ Music Marathon concerts together last fall, they have joined up to tour the Southeast, culminating in showcasing at SXSW and Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Do your soul a favor and spend the evening with them, you'll be glad you did!

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